Many healthcare professionals considering a re-location to Sweden are worried about the climate and weather. The latitude of Stockholm, the capital, is 59,3°, which is pretty much the same as Qaqortoq, Greenland, Saint Petersburg, Russia, or Fritz Creek in Alaska.

This may make you shiver just thinking about it, but we need to remember the Gulf Stream. In fact, Sweden has a relatively mild climate considering the latitude, and although you may be experiencing temperatures 20°C below zero during winter, summers are usually stable with temperatures between 20-25° C, up to 30° once in a while.

Being located so far north, good housing standard and comfortable interior climate is a priority, and many internationals new to Sweden are surprised at the high temperatures indoors. Swedes enjoying walking around in their houses wearing only t-shirts and jeans, with a blizzard howling outside. This applies also to public buildings and workplaces, and as long as you wear a good winter coat when you are outside, you will be perfectly fine.